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True Wireless Zaya Buying Guide

How were these earphones chosen?
We broke it down according to whether you use an Apple or non-Apple device, and whether you're a fan of True Wireless that insert into your ear and create a seal or simply sit outside your ear canal (nicknamed 'earbuds'). We've also included a budget category for good measure. The recommendations are dynamically generated according to up to date user ratings, they are not chosen by Zaya staff. Click here to view the full list of True Wireless earphones.

Earbuds, Android

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Released 2020-08-21

In-Ears, Android

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Released 2020-02-11

Earbuds, Apple

Apple Airpods 2

Released 2019-03-01

In-Ears, Apple

Apple Airpods Pro

Released 2019-10-30


Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2

Released 2019-05-31

Buying Considerations

What are True Wireless (TWS) earphones?
TWS are:
  • Fully wireless, as-in, there's nothing connecting the two earphones to each other or to your listening device
  • In-ear - the kind that blocks your ear canal
  • Or earbud style - the kind that just rests outside your ear canal

Don't they constantly fall out of your ear?
No! They're possibly the most practical form of earphones invented yet, and there's a reason why they're such a hit - every vendor is in a hurry to put out TWS devices in an attempt to corner the market. Every type of TWS earphone has a mechanism to stay firmly in place. As far as battery life, most TWS last around 5-8 hours, with a small case that gives another 2-3 full charges.
What else should I look out for?
Whether or not the earphones support wireless charging can be a big deal for some. If you've ever left the house and taken out your earphones from their charging case only to discover that they're dead, you'd appreciate the ability to simply plop the case on a charging puck somewhere, have them charge and forget about it. Remembering to plug the case in to charge will be a thing of the past as newer earphones mostly support wireless charging, but not all. The main TWS earphones page supports a handy 'wireless charging' filter.
What about active noise cancellation?
First, some earbud style TWS support active noise cancellation, but from personal experience that doesn't actually work. Passive noise cancellation is necessary to block outside noise, and often is sufficient on it's own. However, some people do require complete silence, and ANC certainly helps. Click here to view all TWS with Active Noise Cancellation.

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